NASA Contacts

Specific collaboration topics, if available, may be found through the center links.

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NASA Contact
Jeppie R. Compton
Project Manager, NASA EPSCoR
KSC Headquarters Building, Mail Code EX-E
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
Phone: (321) 867-6988

NASA Mission Directorate Contacts

Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
Karen Rugg
Lead, Communications and Education
NASA Headquarters
Phone: (202) 358-2197
Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate
Bradley Carpenter
Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Application Division
NASA Headquarters
Phone: (202) 358-0826
Science Mission Directorate
Kristen Erickson
Director, Science Engagement and Partnerships
NASA Headquarters
Phone: (202) 358-1017
Space Technology Mission Directorate
Joseph Grant
Education Lead
NASA Headquarters
Phone: (202) 358-0070

NASA ESPCoR Center Liasions

Ames Research Center (ARC)
Danielle N. Carmichael [WYLE LABS]
STEM Accountability Assistant
Phone: (650) 604-6423
Kennedy Space Center
Benita DeSuza
NASA Internships, Fellowships and Scholarships (NIFS) Lead
Phone: (321) 867-3671
Armstrong Flight Research Center
Oscar Murillo
MIRO Project Manager
Phone: (661) 276-6110
Langley Research Center
Gamaliel (Dan) Cherry
University Affairs Officer
Phone: (757) 864-6113
Goddard Space Flight Center
James Harrington
STEM Engagement Specialist
Phone: (301) 286-4063
Glenn Research Center
Mark David Kankam, Ph.D.
University Affairs Officer
Dir. of NASA Space & Aeronautics Academy at Glenn
Phone: (216) 433-6143
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Linda Rodgers
University Programs Administrator
Phone: (818) 354-3274
Marshall Space Flight Center
Norman (Frank) Six
University Affairs Officer
Office of Academic Affairs (HS30)
Phone: (256) 961-0678
Johnson Space Center
Kamlesh Lulla
Dir. University Research Collaborations and Partnership Office
Phone: (281) 483-3065
Stennis Space Center (SSC)
Mitch Krell
University Affairs Officer
Phone: (228) 688-1821