Research Seed Grants

nasa_epscorThis program is designed to support faculty members of all WV colleges and universities in their efforts to initiate research activities, conduct pilot experiments, or demonstrate new concepts that might lead to significant future projects. The maximum amount to be awarded to each applicant will not exceed $10,000 (to be matched at least 1:1).

Required Application Rules:

  1. Proposals must be submitted on-line. Please note that the applicant is responsible for completeness and accuracy of the material contained in the proposal. Any deviation from the stated rules and requirements will result in disqualification of the applicant.
  2. Each award category is judged separately based on published criteria. However, the NASA WVSGC/WV EPSCoR Board will review all submitted proposals and consider each proposal’s total scores, combined with other considerations, in reaching a final award decision.
  3. Each PI may submit no more than one proposal per category.
  4. Proposers must be very clear about the goals and objectives (what they propose to do) and the methodology to achieve those goals and objectives (how they plan to execute the project).
  5. Indirect charges are prohibited and the waiver of such charges may not be included as a component of the required cost share
  6. The use of NASA funds for foreign travel and purchase of equipment is prohibited.

EPSCoR Research Seed

Evaluation Criteria

Cost Share Guidelines (coming soon)

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